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Glynn Nicholas

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Glynn Nicholas

Besides being sophisticated and charming, Glynn is a producer, director and motivational speaker

Director and producer, Glynn presents some of the most engaging, entertaining shows in Australia, United Kingdom and Europe, currently the Song Contest - The Almost Eurovision Experience.   

  • He is an inspired storyteller, having written and performed several one-man shows.
  • Has an endearing sense of humor
  • Live comedy, he has a deep understanding of audiences expectations having produced plays and musicals in several countries, including London's West End
  • In his early years as a busker learned how to work with an audience, to maintain focus, keep people intrigued and most important how to make people laugh.

Mime Artist : much more than just a stand-up comedian, Glynn is renowned as one of the countries finest mime artists, with an array of hilarious routines (sometimes including volunteers from the audience).  Began his career as a street performer, creating one of the most successful street acts on the international busking circuit and winning a number of awards in Australia, Europe and the USA

An accomplished guitarist, songwriter, mime teacher and a gifted script writer with more than 10 shows, cabarets, plays and musicals to his credit. 

  • Glynn with a Why?  His first full length show, self-indulgently entitled Glynn with a Why? enjoyed sell out seasons and which lead to more shows.
  • Certified Male  He co-wrote and produced the smash hit Certified Male the top-selling show of the Melbourne International Arts Festival, touring Australia three times.
  • Humphrey Bear  Following the worst audition ever for HUMPHREY BEAR he secured his first television gig as presenter and went on to record hundreds of episodes with Humphrey and even now he is still approached by strangers (generally around 25 years his junior) who are usually slightly pissed, often grateful but sometimes traumatized individuals. They just want to talk.

The 3 B's  of Glynn Nicholas :  BUSKING - BANKRUPTCY - BROADWAY

Glynn has been one of the country's most successful touring comedians. He is the only Australian Producer to have the biggest-selling production at the largest Performing Arts Market in the world - the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Glynn has a profound understanding of what is required to run companies and to build successful teams. For twenty-five years he has created and produced plays and musicals in several countries, including Australia, Europe and in London's  West End. Most of the skills about running his business he learned from his ten years as a busker. 

But what happens when it all falls apart?  What do you do when you lose the house, the marriage and bankruptcy is clearly in view.  In this brutally honest address Glynn shares some of the darker moments of falling down - feeling overwhelmed - and the journey back. 

Speaking topics...

Team work - the importance of finding, hiring, and working with the right people. How to manage difficult members of the team and how to get the best from those you have.  

Leadership - what are the qualities you need to be a good leader? Glynn explores this very interesting topic in a most entertaining and insightful way. Developing relationships with your clients (never underestimate what they can do for your business)

Entrepreneurship  Glynn's company is one of a handful of Australian commercial theatre producers exporting Australian shows to some of the biggest markets in the world - so there.

When things Change - what worked yesterday probably won't work today. Here Glynn explores how important it is to maintain your relevance and how easy it is to lose it. Change your perspective, and realise the opportunities when they pop around the corner.

Staying human - The Arts industry is built on people whose careers are built on rejection, perseverance, overcoming hard times, learning the hard lessons, moving forward. 

But what does it mean to prosper and to flourish? Glynn shares some reminders about the importance of seeing your place in the context of helping others because that is where you will find the joy.


In 1989 Glynn joined the ABCs " THE BIG GIG " which was broadcast live and which was considered to be one of the ground-breaking comedy shows of its era. The series spawned characters like Pate Biscuit & Sergeant Smith 

In 1996 Glynns production company produced The Glynn Nicholas Show with the ABC which featured Shaun Micallef, Alison Whyte and Wayne Hope.

Chairman of the Board of Big hART an Australian National award winning organisation, working to re-engage marginalised communities & individuals through arts-based projects.

Television 1996 - The Glynn Nicholas Show - ABC 8-part sitcom

1989 - 91- Regular & Host of ABCs Big Gig
1981 - 85 - Heres Humphrey Host

Film 2007 - Love on Track short film
2004 - Strange Bedfellow with Paul Hogan
1983 - Term of his Natural Life

Stage 2005 - Pleasure of their Company
2004 - Plumbers Opera
2003 - Comedy of Errors (Melbourne Theatre Company)
2002 - Leaves falling at Midnight
2001-2000 - Certified Male - national tour
1999 - Certified Male - Melbourne International Festival of Arts
1998 - Complete Works of William Shakespeare
1997 - Pumping Irony - national tour
1996 - Wrung Out - national tour
1994 - Crossing the Line - national tour
1993 - Pirates of Penzance
1991 to 1993 Kissing Frogs - national tour
1988 - Scat and all That
1987- Support act for The Nylons
1986 - Finalist in inaugural National Theatre Sports championships
2008 - Eurobeat - UK Tour and LondonsWest End
2007 - Eurobeat - (Edinburgh Festival)
          Certified Male - (Edinburgh Festival)
2006 - Eurobeat Almost Eurovision
          Burlesque Idol
          National Security & the art of Taxidermy




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