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Scherrie Payne & Susaye Formerly of The Supremes USA
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  Scherrie Payne & Susaye Formerly of The Supremes USA

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Scherrie Payne & Susaye Formerly of The Supremes USA

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The Supremes are the world's all time favorite female group. The Supremes enjoyed 8 individual members from 1964 to 1977 time and each of the eight ladies contributed to the group's recording and performing success.

In the Summer of 2017, after 31 years of performing alongside Scherrie Payne, Lynda Laurence decided to leave the group.  As the saying goes "The Show Must Go On' and Scherrie called upon  former Supreme Susaye Greene to replace her.  Susaye excitedly accepted the offer and the trio has not miss a beat!  Photo shoots and rehearsals instantly took place and the new lineup emerged to much fanfare. It's noteworthy to point out that the current lineup of Scherrie Payne, Susaye Greene and Joyce Vincent were to be the 1977 lineup of Supremes.  However, plans changed and Motown chose to disband The Supremes, and the lineup never got a chance to perform together......Until Now!

Scherrie Payne, Susaye Greene and Joyce Vincent continue to perform all over the world with live performances, TV appearances and new exciting recordings.   Scherrie and  Susaye are proud of their Supreme history, and continue to present this legendary music to audiences all over the world as......Scherrie Payne & Susaye Greene, Formerly of The Supremes!

2006 Australian Tour: 

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Taronga Park Zoo visitors were treated to a private performance when the ladies were spotted by adoring fans, who asked them for a song.  T'was truly a magic moment.

The Former Ladies of The Supremes appeared on numerous live radio talkback stations and appeared on channel 9's Kerri-Anne's morning show.

The FLOS - The Former Ladies of the SupremesSince FLOS formation in 1986 they have acquired an impressive biography with recordings and sold out performances all over the world.

2009:  Marked the 23rd Anniversary of The FLOS. Respected author Sharon Davis noted that this trio is "Authentically Keeping The Legend Alive."

2005: The FLOS were honored by The Hollywood History Museum with an exhibit showcasing their contribution to the "Supremes" legacy. 

2000:  Scherrie Payne and Lynda Laurence were honored by performing with the Supreme Diva herself: Miss Diana Ross. Peforming with Diana Ross and The Supremes "Return To Love" Tour.

Scherrie and Lynda's trio have performed alongside a host of other legendary Motown acts:

  • The Temptations, The Four Tops, Martha Reeves and The Vandellas, Toured extensively with James Brown, The Three Degrees and Sister Sledge



Scherrie Payne was born in Detroit, Michigan, the home of the Motown sound.

Scherrie is officially recognized as The Supremes' final lead singer, and is featured on many of their hits including, "He's My Man" and the Supremes' final top 40 recording, "Im Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking."

A talented writer and performer Scherrie was discovered by famed producer Eddie Holland of Holland/Dozier/Holland.

Prior to joining The Supremes Scherrie was the lead singer of the group "Glass House" and is featured on all of their hits on the Invictus label including, "Crumbs off The Table" which she co-wrote. Scherrie has recorded as a solo artist and has had her own hits including, "I'm Not In Love" and "One Night Only."

Scherrie has performed with major stars, including her sister Freda Payne, George Benson & Jose Feliciano.

Known affectionately by fans as "The Little Lady With The Big Voice" and "The Payne Killer" she brought her superb vocals and dynamic stage presence to the Supremes in 1973, replacing Jean Terrell, and quickly established herself as a firm favorite with the group's legions of fans worldwide.

Scherrie recorded three albums as a member of The Supremes "The Supremes 1975" , "High Energy", and "Mary Scherrie and Susaye." She is also featured on many of The Supremes' "greatest hits" compilations

Joyce Vincent is recognized as one of the original members of the renowned singing/performing group Tony Orlando & Dawn.Joyce is originally from Detroit, Michigan, the home of the Motown Sound, and had the honor of recording back up vocals in the famed Motown Studio A in the 1960's. Joyce became an international celebrity in the early 70's alongside Tony Orlando and Telma Hopkins.

Together they collected three #1 records, 14 top 40 singles, and a hugely popular CBS-TV weekly variety program. In 1977 when Mary Wilson left the Supremes for a solo career Joyce Vincent was invited to take her place. Motown management decided to disband The Supremes before Joyce officially joined. Through her musical associations, Joyce has had the opportunity to perform and record with some of entertainment’s best: Dionne Warwick, Freda Payne, Smokey Robinson,Tony Orlando and Dawn, Telma Hopkins

Joyce is proud to perform alongside Scherrie Payne and Lynda Laurence.


TOP ROW: (Left to Right) Florence Ballard, Scherrie Payne, Diana Ross, Susaye Greene
BOTTOM ROW: (Left to Right) Lynda Laurence, Mary Wilson, Cindy Birdsong, Jean Terrell
The photo above is from the cover of The Supremes "20th Anniversary" album released by Motown Records. It details the eight ladies who recorded and performed in the legendary trio. No other individuals can truthfully claim to be a member of Motown's famed recording trio The Supremes.

The History...from the beginning

The Supremes had eight individual members during this time and each of the ladies contributed to the group's recording and performing success. 

  • 1961: The Supremes were formed  by the late Florence Ballard. The first trio consisted of Florence,  Diana Ross, and Mary Wilson
  • 1967: Florence  left the group and was replaced by Cindy Birdsong
  • 1970: Diana Ross departed  and Jean Terrell  replaced her
  • 1971: Lynda Laurence was invited to replace Cindy
  • 1973: Jean and  Lynda exited
  • 1973: Cindy returned and Scherrie Payne  became the trio's final lead  singer
  • 1976: Cindy  was replaced by the final Supreme Susaye Greene
  • 1977 June 12th: The Supremes line up of - Scherrie Payne, Mary Wilson, and Susaye Greene performed their final  farewell  performance and the Supremes
  • 1986  - The Former Ladies of The Supremes was formed
  • Since their formation the ladies have acquired an impressive bio with new recordings and sold out performances all over the world. 

Motown CD's and Albums featuring Scherrie Payne and Lynda Laurence

  • The Supremes Gold (2005)
  • The Supremes 70s Anthology (2003)
  • The Supremes Box Set  (2000)
  • Motown Funkology Vol. 3 Dance Divas  (1996)
  • The Supremes Motown Legends Stoned Love (1995)
  • 70s Greatest Hits And Rare Classics (1991)
  • Diana Ross and The Supremes Anthology (1986)
  • Diana Ross and The Supremes Superstar Series Vol. 1 (1980)
  • The Supremes At Their Best (1978)
  • 20 Super Hits (1977)
  • Motown Disco Tech #3 (1976)
  • Mary, Scherrie, and Susaye (1976)
  • High Energy (1976)
  • The Supremes"He's My Man" (1975)
  • Greatest Hits (1974)
  • The Motown Sound Vol. 2 (1973) 
  • Supremes Live In Japan - Produced And Arranged By Jimmy Webb (1972)
  • Floy Joy   (1972)

Members of the original Supremes Scherrie and Lynda's 20th Anniversary Celebration & Tribute to The  Supremes 

4 February 2006 Superbowl Performance in Detroit.
Jennifer Lopez and Nelly performed with legendary Motown stars at the Superbowl weekend in Detroit. The Motor City once again took centre stage as MotownLegendsCasino.net presented the Motown Music Fest, Saturday February 4th 2006, Superbowl eve at the Detroit Masonic Temple.

Legendary Motown artists revered the world over performed at one of two concert events, including such well-known entertainers as:

  • The Former Ladies of the Supremes
  • The Four Tops
  • The Miracles,
  • The Contours
  • The Dramatics
  • Freda Payne (Scherrie Payne's sister)
  • Brenda Holloway
  • Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
  • The Velvelettes
  • Paul Hill.

The artists were backed musically by the legendary Funk Brothers considered by many to be the true sound of Motown.

Superstar entertainer Jennifer Lopez making her Detroit debut performance (along with her husband, singer Marc Anthony) performed on the same stage with the legends.

Special guest performances also included artist extraordinaire, rapper, Nelly.  Prominent Detroit real estate developer Herbert Strather, executive producer of the concert  said "this is an extraordinary concert, a mega-event. I am blown-away by the number of outstanding artist we have at this concert. It is absolutely incredible and unheard of to see such tremendous talent together all at one venue. This is a fabulous event, we have something for everyone who truly loves music especially Motown music."




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