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Butterscotch's Playground feat (ex Wiggle)  Greg Page

Butterscotch's Playground feat (ex Wiggle) Greg Page

Greg Page the original "Yellow Wiggle" can now be found in Butterscotch's Playground, creating the whole wide world as an exciting and educational children's playground, let's play and explore!

A brand new children's entertainment experience, founded on the same interactive early childhood principles that made Greg a house-hold name all over the world with The Wiggles.

Live Shows and stage performances, together with his new friends:

  • Butterscotch  - rabbit
  • Honey Bear  - obviously a bear!
  • Frankie -  monkey
  • Charles -  bluebird

Greg takes children young and old on a journey around the world to different locations such as the Fire Station, the Baseball Field & a Dance Studio.

The show features the same style of interactive songs that made The Wiggles famous, with simple dances and actions for children to join in with.

Christmas Show:
Greg and his team have a special Christmas show available, for your Christmas function, event, shows, and  open-air Xmas Carol special events. Book now, so you don't miss out.

Duration of Live Shows:

1 x 45 min show for corporate and private functions, special children's events and children's festivals

1 x 30 min "in concert" show


Butterscotch's Playground the TV children's show
Is a world, much like our own, filled with imagination, wonder, and limitless opportunities for all those who dare to dream, and to try. Thus, it is a symbol for children that they can go anywhere and accomplish anything - the sky is literally the limit.

But, the children are not alone on their journey, they have a few guides: Greg Page, the original and founding Yellow Wiggle from the children's entertainment phenomenon, The Wiggles, along with a handful of fun-loving puppet characters.

With its interactive platform, the friends at Butterscotch's Playground invite children to join them as they explore the whole wide world, using it as their playground in which to have fun and learn.

It works because...

  •  Engages children

Each episode begins in the same manner, with Greg - a familiar and trusted face - welcoming the viewers and immediately engaging them by speaking directly to them.

This familiarity with the way the show begins allows children to be open to what is presented, making them comfortable and eager to see what is about to happen. Careful use of inclusive language such as, we, us, you, all, includes the egocentric child so he or she is part of the experience, and not just a passive watcher.

Further, the characters ask the viewer to help find Frankie Bananas, the last puppet character to reveal himself. Since Frankie Bananas makes his entrance in a different way each episode, the child uses critical thinking skills to help search for Frankie.

  • Educates children

Learning is fun in Butterscotch's Playground. Points are not laboured, so learning is fun, and in most cases, not even noticed! However, just because the lesson goes unnoticed does not mean it is not effective! Once children are engaged in the episode, learning points are numerous and meaningful, which makes the Butterscotch brand a leader in edu-tainment. Many aspects of the show are repeated in every episode. For example, there is always a new word presented each day, so children become familiar with that procedure at the start of the show and look forward to finding out what the word for the day will be. This is fun - but it is also learning. Moreover, an episode of Butterscotch's Playground is formulated to cater to the physical, emotional, social, cognitive and creative selves of the child. The television show combines music, dance, story and narration to stimulate growth and development within those five selves.

Parents can monitor the learning of their child through the Trinity Learning Method Matrix so that they understand the teaching points of each experience and what their child is learning. Once the episode is over, the Butterscotch's Playground experience continues as the child visualizes and plays games related to the theme of the day (dancing, fire fighting, etc.), repeats the songs, and interacts with others inspired by the episodes content.

  • Entertains children

Children love the appealing puppet characters whose traits they can identify with. The stories are also well written; children are amused and delighted as they accompany the puppets on their exploration of the whole wide world. The music is catchy with a beat that is easy to dance to, and the simple choreography is easily achievable!

  •  Fosters parent-child interaction

Parent and child interaction is also fostered through a safe, educational, entertainment experience in a television format, which is supported by innovative games and lessons on a well-constructed website.

Opportunities are also provided for parents to further the childs learning experiences from the program. For example, Honey Bear's Corner offers cooking and craft ideas for children to try at home with the help of a parent, caregiver or older sibling. From here, the child's creative self is stimulated and can be extended by new and different activities at home with the parent.

Newly-learned concepts will lead to greater inquiry and investigation by the child, stimulating discussions with his or her parents. And a visit to the Butterscotch's Playground website will offer associated games and activities to reinforce the daily lessons and further foster and promote parent-child interaction. Parents may then download the corresponding Certificate of Achievement for each episode to celebrate a child's personal milestone.

The characters  The characters of Butterscotch's Playground have all been developed with specific character traits and roles in mind. The cute and cuddly nature of the puppets immediately has the attention of the children, and the way they interact together captures the imagination of children and adults alike.

Greg Page
Greg is the grounds-keeper at Butterscotch's Playground. He is the link between the viewer and the characters, inviting the viewer to join in the fun with Butterscotch and his friends as they explore the whole wide world and make it their very own playground.  As the human element of the show, Greg can perform songs with actions that the children can imitate; he can provide the more "personal" relationship with the viewer that links the fantasy world of puppets, with the reality of the world that they (and the child) explore.

Pretty much everything that goes on at the Playground involves a floppy-eared bunny rabbit named "Butterscotch,"and why not?  After all, he is a highly intelligent individual, with a lot of self-confidence and a friendly personality.  Butterscotch is very patient and level-headed and can always be counted on by his friends.  Butterscotch's role is that of facilitator and sometimes mediator of some of the craziness and zaniness that takes place with Frankie Bananas!

Frankie Bananas
Some kids grow up dreaming of one day being an astronaut or a fire fighter.  Frankie Bananas, on the other hand, hopes to one day be the biggest star ever to step foot onto the Broadway stage.  With his boater hat and tuxedo, Frankie certainly looks ready to take on the role, but knows he has much work to do before the dream is realised.  His whimsical nature and unpredictable outbursts make him an appealing character to both children and adults. Frankie often provides the fun, spontaneous moments in the show that will make children (and adults) laugh.

Honey Bear
Honey Bear is extremely creative and imaginative.  She also loves crafts, cooking and dressing up.  Thus, Honey Bear hosts Honey Bear's Corner, where the children get the opportunity to put their fine motor skills into action by learning Honey's new craft ideas and recipes.  Honey Bear is also sensitive and caring character, who is very attuned to the feelings of others.

The bright blue bird known as Charles is a very learned character, who is well-read and speaks many languages, thus providing the opportunity for learning words from these languages in each episode.  There is sometimes a bit of a cultural difference between Charles and the other animals - where the others don't mind getting their hands dirty every now and then, Charles prefers to remain aloof and refined.

As the grandmother of Butterscotch's Playground, Owlivia loves to have tea with Greg and discuss the themes of the day. Her advice on topics such as, the etiquette of eating a hot dog, is both entertaining and educational.  



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