Author Services

In this fast paced and changing publishing industry we provide easy to understand information for all authors of E-books, printed books. POD arrangements and audio books. We assist with the production, formatting, uploading and the best marketing options available for your genre. Our fees are negotiable. 

Audio Books – we match the narrator and the author (and vice versa) to produce the absolute best audio book.

Made in Australia by Australian voices for Australian authors. Simple. 

Authors: we provide professional narrators, storytellers, famous entertainers and actors for the production of Australian audio books. 

Recording Studios: we have a network of the absolute best, experienced recording studios in each state to produce the narrator’s audio samples as needed by authors, to the final production of the audio book. We organize the narrator and the recording studio for the author. We consult on the entire process every step of the way. 

Editors Direct

Are you looking for affordable professional editors?  Do you know the exact editor  ‘service’ you need to keep moving forward?  There are editors for an assortment of issues, know and understand precisely the type of editor/s you need to get your manuscript publisher ready.

Marketing Services

We provide direct target marketing campaigns and strategies


We provide a simple checklist of options available to promote your products


Launching a new brand? Need to re-ignite the spark for your existing brand?

Author services

We assist with the formatting, uploading and the best marketing options available for you genre.

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