Narrators Info

List with is if your are an experienced narrator or storyteller interested in reading audio books by Australian authors.

Actors in film and theater who have experience with scripts and recording studios, please contact us if you would like to read/produce an audio book.

Australian celebrities, singers, entertainers, hosts and comedians contact us if you are interested in reading an audio book, and, if have a favorite author or special book you would like to approach, please let us know.

What we need from you to get you the gig…

  1. *Current sound samples AND/OR a 10 mins sample, reading from the authors book, produced in your studio or our professional studio.
  2. Bio/location
  3. Experience
  4. Your fee: negotiable – depending on page numbers and time in studio

Give us a call or email us to discuss what genre’s you prefer.

* Not all audio samples will be displayed on our public website page.
VIP narrators will be promoted/heard by request only.
We do not publish or supply confidential, personal or contact information.