Professional recording Studio’s for audio book productions in Australia

Entertainment Depot works with recording studios nationwide experienced in the production of audio books. From freelancers, small boutique recording studios, to the top shelf audio book professional studios money can buy. 

Whether you are a self published/independent author ready to produce your audio book, or a narrator wishing to create sound samples to obtain work, we provide the recording studio in your area (or close by) for your budget. Send us an email or give us a call.

NB for all recording work/bookings we request that you pay the studios direct, they will bill you. Entertainment Depot is not involved with the quote/cost/payment of the audio book production, we merely provide the narrator. 

As a booking agency, we book the narrators and are paid by the authors. As marketing consultants, we assist both the narrator’s and author’s on the entire project, as needed. Our consulting fees are negotiable.