Welcome to Entertainment Depot (Australia)

Entertainment Depot is a corporate booking agency established in 2002 in Fairfield Victoria. Before the worldwide pandemic hit we booked Australia’s top acts and a few international artists. We have 18+ years experience as a booking agency, corporate bookings for entertainers, comedians, musicians & speakers etc. We also delved into brand product placement in feature films on an international scale, today, we put that experience down to search and discovery. 

With Covid hitting our industry hard, we switched lanes to books: self-publishing E-Books and Print on Demand books. Now we provide services for authors and screenwriters of original non-fiction in the spiritual realm, ghosts & afterlife genre’s. That is our specialty.

We invite original manuscripts and screenplays, please contact us

On the flipside...if you are in search of an exciting true spiritual/ghostly story for a feature film, TV streaming series or book to publish, please contact us. Thanks! 

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Marketing Services

We provide direct target marketing campaigns and strategies


We provide a simple checklist of options available to promote your products


Launching a new brand? Need to re-ignite the spark for your existing brand?

Author services

We assist with the formatting, uploading and the best marketing options available for you genre.

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