Entertainment Depot is well established booking agency with an excellent reputation for booking the best talent in Australia, we now supply the best Australian narrators and entertainers/narrators from overseas. Our talent roster includes established professional narrators, professional (local and global famous) actors from stage and screen and experienced voice actors. We work with the author’s  ‘wish list’ and to their budget. 

 Our service include:

  • booking narrators for audio books made in Australia with Australian voices for self published and independent authors
  • audio books for parents and grandparents, personally read and record your child’s favorite book/s
  • autobiographies for all, write your life story, read and record it yourself or hire a narrator
  • E-book and hard/soft cover books consultation, POD – print on demand assistance.

Audio Book Narrators. We source, recommend and book narrators for self published & independent authors.We consult on e-books and hard copy publications.

Authors please contact us if you know the narrator you would like for your book, or have a famous voice/person in mind, we do all the hard work for you, just give is a call to discuss. 

Recording Studios: we have a network of the absolute best, experienced recording studios in each state who produce audio books. We organize the narrator and the recording studio for the author. We consult with all parties through the entire process. 

International, we have toured one of the most famous voice actors in the world, Nancy Cartwright, alas, she is contracted to The Simpsons, but… we have entertainers worldwide, famous actors, musicians and celebrities. Entertainers from Los Angeles to Detroit, actors from LA, singers from Motown to iconic blues musicians in Detroit, hey, that’s what we do! 

Autobiographies, would you like to tell your life story? Create an audio book and publish for the world to hear.  Record your own audio book, tell your wonderful story. We can bring it together for you –  FYI –  there is no need to write a book first, get it published etc, You can write your story in a word doc, make your own edits, have it checked and a narrator can tell it. Simple. 

Parents & Grandparents, read and record your child’s favorite story books. You read and record it. Bed time stories as presents, always be there for them. 

Personally written and private audio books for your loved ones to treasure forever. We can talk and walk you through the entire process. Hearing a loved ones voice after they have passed is sometimes heart breaking at first, but a magical gift in a loving way. Don’t want to read it yourself?  Hire a narrator from our roster. 

E-books and Print On Demand (POD) books for paperback and hardbacks consulting services. We have first hand experience in producing E-books and POD paperbacks. It’s a steep learning curve for inexperienced authors, and the industry is changing so fast!. Traditional publishers are either not accepting manuscripts, you often need an agent to submit for you, and some are disappearing all together because of the online competition.

We don’t charge thousands of dollars for packages, we talk and walk you through the steps for a minimal consulting fee. 

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