Becky Paroz –  keynote corporate speaker, performance coach, presenter, writer and mentor.

With thirty years in the construction industry Becky Paroz has demonstrated her unique leadership abilities on some of the most demanding projects in Australia. As a successful Engineer and industry leading Project Manager she been a Director in up to three companies at a time and a global professional mentor.

With involvement in Graduate training programs and in-house workshops for many of her employers and clients; Becky’s formal training as a Performance Coach allows her to generate learning outcomes that create lasting change.
Becky has been and continues to be a speaker at state and national industry conferences; she is a driving force for the development and integration of culture and systems for industry improvement.
The Words of Bek is her first collection of non-fiction writing and is a guide to self-mentoring through adversity, being a resilient, confident leader, from a woman who employed these skills to conquer early violence from her family, to leading in the construction world while dealing with a disability.

Guest on over 15 podcasts around the world.

Keynote Topics include:

  • Resilience as your greatest asset
  • Women in the Construction Industry
  • Change your Story – Change Your Life
  • Being the Sum of Your Experiences
  • How to Embrace Your Inner #GladiatHER

Presenter, facilitator, speaker and writer (15 years) including :

  • Moreton Bay Writer’s Festival – Using Project Management skills to Support your Publishing Journey (June 25)
  • International Women’s Day Bayside Women in Business Keynote March 2020
  • AWIC Panel Member TAFE (Ipswich/Toowoomba) – Encouraging Young Women into the Industry March 2020
  • BPW – Geelong Annual Breakfast Keynote Speaker 2019
  • Y Factor 2019 – Keynote speaker 2019
  • Women in Building and Construction multiple guest speaker events 2015 – current
  • Author workshops and conferences (multiple) 2014 – current
  • Networking and charity events 2010 – current
  • PWN International Woman’s Conference USA 2014
  • International Women’s Conference 2012
  • IPMA Young Crew Global Workshop Senior Program Director, Panel Director, MC – 2011
  • AIPM National Conference 2010
  • AIPM State Conference 2010
  • Engineers Australia – Innovation Sub- Committee Presentation 2009
  • AIPM Information Evening Presentation 2010
  • Southern Engineering Conference – USQ 2009
  • Various other community and volunteer events, including career presentations