We are proud to represent and promote Ben Knight, National GPC Powerlifter based in Queensland Australia. 

His story is impressive, as Ben started weightlifting a little later than most, he just turned 42. He has surpassed many of his personal goals and is still reaching to be the best in every single way… Handsome, well educated and an extremely nice guy Ben is looking for sponsors, supporters to assist his path to the top. His stats say it all, please see below.

Ben can promote your business, product or service. Be a model for your clothes, promote Men’s body enhancing & care products. Shaving, hair and yes…men’s products.  Please contact Rene to discuss if Ben is a good fit for your product. Or if you would like to book Ben as a motivational speaker. Covid lockdowns permitting.  Below are those important stats:                                                                     

  • National GPC Powerlifter – Coach is Jake Curtis
  • No 1 – U100kg M1 GPC Australian record holder in bench press and deadlift
  • U100kg M1 U world record holder in deadlift, soon to be the Official World record holder…

Up and coming Comps:

July 2021:           National GPC Championships, strictly by invitation only basis

October 2021:     World Championships in Poland, strictly by invitation only basis. Covid may delay, TBC.

December 2021: National Tri Nations Push/Pull Championships

Ben’s story starts here:                                                                                                    

  • 2017 – December  FIRST IN the National Tri Nations Push/Pull championships
  • 2018 – March       FIRST IN the Queensland State Championship Bench press
  • 2019 – March       FIRST IN National Tri Nations Push/Pull championships
  • 2 x Australian Records – 1 x U World record
  • 2020 – December   SECOND IN QLD’s Biggest Deadlift