Ben Knight is a power lifter strong man

Our Aussie ‘Viking’ power lifter, now making a name for himself in Australia and soon to hit the international power lifting circuit. 
Strong-man Ben Knight is at the top of his game as a power lifter. Based in Queensland. 

Ben also excels as a motivational speaker, relevant to all ages and genders. Ben started power lifting at a much older age than most.

His motivation is to be the best, a truly inspiring story.
His body is the proof.
Awards:  3 x National push pull. Australian M1 Record holder Benchpress and Deadlift 

Ben speaks at all sporting events, to youth groups, small and large businesses and at corporate events to motivate and raise the bar when it comes to breaking the age barrier. Available nationwide. 

Sponsorship opportunities available: We welcome brands, established and new. Health foods, clothing and sports equipment suppliers.

You can check out his ‘stats’ and work out regime on his Facebook page:

Please don’t bother Ben training, contact Rene at Entertainment Depot agency for all inquiries. 

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