‘In Conversation’ with Meg or Tom…or both 

Iconic  and well loved authors Thomas Keneally & Meg Keneally are story tellers in print and in voice. 
Meg and Tom are also dynamic speakers for your conference, corporate event or dinner – ideal VIP guests 

  • Based in Sydney N.S.W  available nationwide
  • Duration: 1 x 60 mins. (approx 40 mins presentation and 20 mins Q&A)
  • A/V: To be provided. NB: Filming is subject to approval by The Keneally’s.
  • Performance Fee: we are happy to provide a quote, please contact  us with your requirements
  • Meet & Greets &Photo ops: by arrangement
  • Sorry, we do not book Meg or Tom for public library events or writers festivals


  • Press freedom – today
  • Female leadership and the resistance to it.
  • Leadership generally
  • #MeToo – by Meg
  • Welfare and workers’ rights
  • Inequality of opportunity
  • Discrimination based on class, gender or race
  • Media and reputation. What has changed, what hasn’t.
  • Writing – the creative process. The how to’s and why not’s? The motivation, your motivation! by Tom

History shows us we may not have come as far as we think we have, and has lessons for us relating to various aspects of modern society’.

Tom Keneally  – Order of Australia

Acclaimed Australian author of historical fiction, novelist, historian, screenwriter, playwright, essayist and professional international speaker. Born in Australia in 1935.  Tom’s first novel was published in 1964 and has written over fifty books and thirty novels. Both non-fiction & fiction. In March 2009, Prime Minister of Australia Mr. Kevin Rudd presented an autographed copy of Tom Keneally’s book ‘Lincoln’ to the 44th President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama as a gift. 

Speaking topics  include, but absolutely, not limited to: Creativity | Innovation | The business of writing: novel writing, processing & engaging the unconscious mind | Historical fiction issue that are relevant today |  Topics of interest related to any publication or movie | 

Feature films made based on Tom’s books include : Schindler’s List  | The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith |  The Devil’s Playground | The Final Winter | Essington | Silver City.


Meg Keneally, author and corporate speaker/story teller to all ages

Meg has worked as a public affairs officer, sub-editor, freelance feature writer, reporter and talk back radio producer. She is co-author with Tom Keneally in The Monsarrat Series. Meg Keneally’s first solo novel, Fled, was based on the escape of First Fleet convict Mary Bryant, was published in 2019 and has been optioned for film. Coming soon in 2020, Meg’s second solo novel ‘The Wreck’. 

Books by Meg Keneally :  Fled – Historical Fiction.  Meg Keneally’s debut solo novel is an epic historical adventure based on the extraordinary life of convict Mary Bryant.   

The Monsarrat Series by Meg & Tom Keneally The Ink Stain | The Soldiers Curse | The Unmourned | The Power Game | The fifth book in this series ‘The Valley of the Swells’  (the first Monsarrat story to involve a serial killer), will be published in Australia in 2021.

Books by Tom Keneally 

  • A Country Too Far
  • A Familiar Madness        
  • A River Town
  • Abraham Lincoln – A Life. Book gifted to President Clinton 42nd US President 
  • American Scoundrel        
  • Angel In Australia, An
  • Another Country – writers in detention
  • Australians – Flappers to Vietnam series
  • Bettany’s Book
  • Blood Red Sister Rose
  • Book of Science and Antiquities
  • Bring Larks and Heroes 
  • By The Line
  • Commonwealth Of Thieves, The
  • Confederates                
  • Crimes of the Father – relevant today  
  • Daughters Of Mars, The
  • Eureka to the Diggers
  • Flying Hero Class
  • Gossip from the Forest
  • Great Shame, The
  • Homebush Boy
  • Jacko The Great Intruder
  • Napoleon’s Last Island
  • People’s Train, The        
  • Place at Whitton, The         
  • Schindler’s Ark
  • Searching For Schindler
  • Season in Purgatory
  • Shame and the Captives
  • The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith 
  • The Office on Innocence
  • The Peoples Train
  • The Place at Whitton
  • The Playmaker
  • Three Cheers For The Paraclete
  • Three Famines                  
  • Timberlake Wertenbaker
  • To Asmara
  • Two Old Men Dying         
  • Tyrant’s Novel, The
  • Victim of The Aurora
  • Widow And Her Hero, The
  • Woman of the Inner Sea
  • Movies by Tom Keneally
  • Schindler’s List
  • The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith
  • The Devil’s Playground
  • The Final Winter
  • Silver City
  • Essington
  • Libido