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All that is me is NOT gone. The diary of Ruby Adam – non fiction

Ruby Adams was born with the inherent psychic abilities to see, hear and talk to people who have passed away. As a facilitator, a medium, she helps people through their initial shock and disbelief that they are truly dead. She allays their fears, spiritual expectations and concerns with unfinished business, typically – emotional issues left unspoken, what ever it takes, allowing them to move forward, whatever their spiritual path and beliefs may be. It is A-religious, Ruby does not discuss religion.
All the while enabling those left behind and grieving to communicate with their loved ones, and to find peace and closure, if that is what they are looking for.

Ruby’s diary contains her psychic and paranormal experiences with her own loved ones, friends and complete strangers – while most strangers are friendly, she encounters a few that are plain evil. Over many years she wrote her diary, often in tears, attempting to balance the material and physical world with the vast spiritual universe. On occasion, Ruby recalls her own past lives in great detail and in special circumstances recounts her glimpses of the future, sometimes scary and other times easily forgotten, only to be remembered when that vision is fully realized. If you are curious as to how long love endures, continuing without a human form, then share in this very personal true story of extremes: love in all its glory, deep heart ache, pain, sorrow, joy, ‘love forever’ commitment and sometimes a peaceful and even a happy (as can be) ending.

PAPER BACK  All that is me is NOT gone. by Ruby Adams. Non-fiction… Love beyond death. 
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January 2019 a review from April, who is Amazon’s book critique – #217 from top 500 reviewers worldwide

Reviewed in Australia on 19 December 2018

Came across this book on my search for something different, Got what I looked for!!

Then, for the two people who may read my book, hope you like it. 


The Medallion Murders.  by Peter Kjenaas – Author, producer, based in LA. USA.

Ebook. : Cal Sterling is a nowhere man, spinning his wheels as a San Francisco cab driver while struggling with a broken heart. Then he smashes his car into another driver with his car and his job is on the line. And on that same night his friend and fellow driver Rasheed is murdered in his own home. 


Words of Bek: Leadership Confidence Resilience

From construction industry rock-star and long term mentor to women in industry, this is a collection of contributions to internationally (vanity) published books and on-line magazine sby the International Literary Award Winner (2014) and award winning Project Manager (2012).  
Leadership, Confidence and Resilience are hard won lessons learnt from a women who was abused within the family environment, diagnosed with a chronic and incurable illness as ateenager and went on to become a leader at a young age in the construction industry. 
Qualifications as an engineering project manager, a performance coach and as an aromatherapist, you’ve never read anything like the Words of Bek before. Learn to self-mentor and overcome what others call limitations and embrace your own power.

Growing up in a dysfunctional family with the challenge of domestic violence and abuse, this compilation is a how-to in overcoming the circumstances of one’s early environment and become a powerful leader in a demanding industry.
Containing content from anthologies developed with world leaders and also from a US based inspirational magazine, the style is hard hitting yet easily readable for those who wish to live their full potential.
Be inspired; laugh, cry, and be challenged by the Words of Bek.


The Rhythm of Resilience by Voula Dendrinos 

Voula Dendrinos shares her lived experience, in this story of hope, faith, love and choice, to reveal her own journey through a childhood marred by her father’s abuse and control.
Her personal pathway to resilience becomes a rhythm that enables her to cope – and find happiness – as she learns to forgive, even if she knows it is important to never forget.  By sharing stories from her own life, combined with tips and insights shared from her experience as a teacher and empowerment coach, this book is a quick but powerful read that reminds us all of the power of choice – and how to help yourself make better ones.


Things My Father Taught Me by Claire Halliday 

Stern, playful, encouraging, hard-working, tough or loving – no matter how we describe our own father, he leaves an indelible imprint.

Claire Halliday spoke with a range of well-known Australians who shared their stories about the way their dads shape their lives. From memories of deep warmth and closeness to stories of difficulty and tragedy – everyone’s story is unique. What’s common in these stories, from some of Australia’s much-loved comedians, singers, radio and TV personalities, chefs and authors, is that fathers have a defining impact on our attitudes and choices in life.

Featuring the stories of Danny Katz, Ann Peacock, Anthony Callea, Darryn Lyons, David Koch, Joe Hildebrand, Kerri Pottharst (OAM), Neil Mitchell, Normie Rowe, Catriona Rowntree, George Calombaris, Paul West, Jo Stanley, Christian Wagstaff, Em Rusciano, Matthew Reilly, Rev Tim Costello, and Santo Cilauro… as told to Claire Halliday.


Emily O’Loughlin – book is coming soon 

Stand up comedian | actress on stage and television – yeah, who puts in television these days – um.. tv. | stage craft consultant | coach to actors and emerging stand up comedians. Now writer, of course.  Based in Queensland.  


Moontime Diary  2022 Moon Diary . In tune with the moon. by Iris Detenhoff 

Healthy Organised and Sustainable. The Moontime Diary 2022 helps you navigate the whole year in tune with nature’s seasons and cycles. Practical daily tips aligned to the Moon phases inspire and guide you towards a healthier, more organised and sustainable lifestyle.

Every Moontime Diary 2022 bought on this website receives a link to a FREE Moontime Calendar 2022. You can colour print it on A3 and stick it on the door or wall or use it as a desktop background on your screen.

Buy direct from Iris Dettenhoff, the author.    


Yoga for Feelings picture story book. Produced by Essential Being – Health & Wellness. Author Jess Farrelly 
We hope you enjoy this story as you play, breath and sing your way through a kaleidoscope of different emotions!
This 33-page picture storybook with hand painted illustrations has been created to help children explore various emotions and then teach them specific yoga poses to help them deal with those emotions. 

This book can be used alongside or separate to the Essential Being Family Yoga Program. The goal is to help children recognise the physical sensations they experience when emotions arise and then teach them specific yoga poses to help deal with that emotion.

AUD $80.00

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