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Featured Book for 2022

All that is me is NOT gone.
The diary of Ruby Adam – literary fiction

Ruby Adams was born with the inherent psychic abilities to see, hear and talk to people who have passed away. As a facilitator, a medium, she helps people through their initial shock and disbelief that they are truly dead. She allays their fears, spiritual expectations and concerns with unfinished business, typically – emotional issues left unspoken, what ever it takes, allowing them to move forward, whatever their spiritual path and beliefs may be. It is A-religious, Ruby does not discuss religion.
All the while enabling those left behind and grieving to communicate with their loved ones, and to find peace and closure, if that is what they are looking for.

Ruby’s diary contains her psychic and paranormal experiences with her own loved ones, friends and complete strangers – while most strangers are friendly, she encounters a few that are plain evil. Over many years she wrote her diary, often in tears, attempting to balance the material and physical world with the vast spiritual universe. On occasion, Ruby recalls her own past lives in great detail and in special circumstances recounts her glimpses of the future, sometimes scary and other times easily forgotten, only to be remembered when that vision is fully realized. If you are curious as to how long love endures, continuing without a human form, then share in this very personal true story of extremes: love in all its glory, deep heart ache, pain, sorrow, joy, ‘love forever’ commitment and sometimes a peaceful and even a happy (as can be) ending.

PAPER BACK  All that is me is NOT gone. by Ruby Adams. Non-fiction… Love beyond death. 
Price: $30 + $10 flat postage.   Please contact us to buy direct. Thankyou. 

January 2019 a review from April, who is Amazon’s book critique – #217 from top 500 reviewers worldwide

Reviewed in Australia on 19 December 2018

Came across this book on my search for something different, Got what I looked for!!

Then, for the two people who may read my book, hope you like it. 


The Medallion Murders.  by Peter Kjenaas – Author, producer, based in LA. USA.

Ebook. : Cal Sterling is a nowhere man, spinning his wheels as a San Francisco cab driver while struggling with a broken heart. Then he smashes his car into another driver with his car and his job is on the line. And on that same night his friend and fellow driver Rasheed is murdered in his own home.