Literary Service’s for hire

For Printed books, E-Books, Audio Books & Scripts: for all categories and genre’s

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Art: Children’s books | design book covers | content graphic designers/artists | websites pages |

Audio Books:  consultants | narrators | production studios | foreign language narrators |

Beta Readers: test readers for feedback prior to completion, publication or launch

Book Covers front and back | design | artwork | content formatting | other |

Comedy Writing consultants | scripts | books | audiobooks |

Copywriters for scripts or screenplays

Critique partner: another writer to help (coach) you, as needed

Editor Conceptual aka Structural Editor: manuscript appraisal, keeps the tone, introduces and maintains structure for the exact audience. Develops plot with you to keep you moving forward

Editor Content:  make changes to the story; plot setting etc. ensures scope is accurate for the audience and subject matter

Editor Copy aka Line Editors. Checks the facts,  typos, grammar, punctuation – the watchdog

Editor Development: early in the writing process,  to stay on track

Grants: source grants available to new and unpublished authors

Ghost writers: have a great story? | need a writer for your topic?

Line editing/ Structural editing

Manuscript Preparation & completion consultant

Marketing:  website setup | social media | promotions | creates opportunities for sales

Page formatting for publication – all required formats for online sales and publications

Proof readers – the final read through before publishing, checking grammar & typos etc. 

Public relations: handles all PR issues for the author | sales in book shops | book launches |

Publicity: interviews | media releases |      

Speakers Agency: promotes authors to speak at all functions, events, media and podcasts

Website designers: | mobile sites |