Emily O’Loughlin is a best known as one of Australia’s first and most famous comedians, here and overseas… even the New York audiences loved her. She is a speaker, writer of shows and screenplays, actress, radio announcer, and an amazing comedy writing coach.

As a corporate speaker Emily offers a huge array of comedic wisdom.
An extremely experienced storyteller she has incredible insight into all things funny and not so funny, perhaps more amusing in life. 

What is comedy? Here’s just a snippet below for you…

  • Understanding that all comedy comes from negativity or pain.  
  • Developing comedic dialogue. It needs to not only be believable but be succinct and strong.  
  • Conflict is a comedians dream and the essence of great comedy. Just when you think it can’t get any worse…
  • Introducing something from left field just as things seem to be going smoothly

Emily is based in Queensland and travels nationally