Australian Self-Publishing Authors, do you need help with your book? 

Self publishing has gone ahead in leaps and bounds in the last five years (or more) with e-books and print on demand services. Authors no longer need to spend energy and time pitching to publishers who are no longer accepting any new manuscripts, and if the do, once a month on a special Friday, be prepared to not hear back in 3 months (or so) ’cause then you know you didn’t make the cut, OR the person reading new manuscripts is off on leave and probably has mountains of manuscripts in piles on his floor. In the office or his spare room. It happens. 

Entertainment Depot Agency has a private (non public) database of the absolute best in creatives, editors, ghost writers etc that any author may need. Assistance from the beginning to the end until its for sale, and then assistance in marketing to make those sales.

Read our list below, a mix of Freelancers, Consultants, Self-Employed in small businesses  etc, our list is long…

Please contact us to discuss your issues, budget and if any, time constraints.