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  • media newsletters for corporations
  • internal newsletters/staff policies
  • corporate policy editing & writing
  • grant applications
  • funding applications
  • articles for newspapers, media, online social content, blogging
  • writing company histories
  • writing biographies or memoirs of founders and CEO’s histories
  • speeches – for video/screen presentations
  • public speaking and presentations
  • ghostwriters, when you don’t have the time, talent or staff
  • children’s magazines
  • health magazines
  • fitness magazines
  • music magazines
  • music encyclopedia articles-publishing 
  • engineering magazines and newsletters
  • comedy...add a comical, amusing slant to your writing, articles, presentations and social media content
  • articles targeted for Men or Women’s magazines
  • fiction and non-fiction stories for your readers and clients to enjoy 
  • adapt your story, family history, novel or memoir to a screenplay

Hire experienced ghostwriters for your memoir or biography

Have you ever wanted to write your story, your biography or memoir – but never had the time or feel you lack the writing ability to complete it?  Hire a professional writer or ghost writer for your memoir or biography. Produce a memoir as a legacy to your company, business, family or publish it for the world to read. Entertainment Depot has experienced writers who can ghost write/assist with your story, retaining your voice.  From an idea through to publication, they are professionals.
Memoir: a collection of memories written by the person | Biography: life history of an individual written by someone else.

Self-publishing authors do you need assistance?

Entertainment Depot Agency has a database of freelancers and consultants in the literary realm.  For all genres and categories. 

Adapting your novel to a screenplay, contact us

It’s a specialist field, requiring allot of skill and patience. Editing and re-writing a novel into a 120 page screenplay for a feature film, well, it won’t happen overnight and there are many hours invested. Please contact us, we can answer all your questions upfront, no more wondering.

Once the screenplay is completed, it’s back to the author to pitch to producers – to the ‘Netflix’s’ of the world. Good luck! 

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