Jane Stewart is a speaker and trainer at corporate conferences, government events and training’s, business coach for SMES.

Works with like minded people, groups and organisations who are interested in making this planet a better place for all. Jane was ahead of her time 20+ years ago, and is now recognized as a leader and innovator in sustainability and corporate/business responsibility on an international scale, and founding partner of Mindsafe. She sees the problems with our current mental health crisis and has a training program that offers real and tangible solutions. 

  • Mindsafe is a proactive mental health training and coaching program
  • Backsafe is a proactive injury prevention program. Trainer: Peter Broadbent
  • BizSafe is a proactive, adaptive management and sustainable innovation.

Topics: on all of the above. For any size group, business or organisation. Available nationwide. 

Jane is very much in demand, once this pandemic stage 3 is sorted, and we are all back in our offices and workplaces, Jane will be busy, so please contact us with your requirements, what problem do you need to solve? 

You can book Jane solo or with Peter Broadbent – trainer and coach for 30+ years, co-founder in the development of Mindsafe, his target audience, well mainly men. They get him. they listen, believe and take action. 

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Please send us your event info to book Jane or Jane & Peter