Jane Stewart

Welcome to Entertainment Depot Jane Stewart!  Jane Stewart is an author, speaker, trainer, consultant and one of the most experienced consultants on corporate and business ‘social responsibility’ issues in Australia. Based in Melbourne but travels...

The Astor Theatre Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, see it at The Astor Theatre, Melbourne.  Release date: Thursday 15th August 2019. Travel back with us to 1969, as The Astor Theatre presents a season of Quentin Tarantino’s ninth film ONCE UPON A TIME IN…...

Meg Keneally Corporate Speaker

Meg Keneally is an author and corporate keynote speaker. Meg speaks on women’s issues drawing from Australian history’s famous women who changed many lives, and their relevance in today’s world. Contact Entertainment Depot to book Meg.

Edingburgh Intl Book Festival 2019

Homo Australis?  Thomas Keneally. Sunday 25th August  1700. The New York Times Main Theatre. In Assoc with the British Library.The Booker Prize winning Australian author of Schindler’s Ark, Thomas Keneally comes to Edinburgh having woven another masterpiece in...

Thomas Keneally Award from Trebia Foundation

Prague based Trebia Foundation award for Thomas Keneally. Trebbia Foundation mission is: support for activities of companies and individuals in the field of culture and arts on both, national and international levels independent assistance to humanitarian activities...

A Gift of Seeds Promotional Gifts

A Gift of Seeds, Eco Friendly Greetings Cards for corporate promotions, events and special occasions. Custom designs and seed package, seeds to suit your promotion. Australian designed, made with environmentally friendly materials. Contact Entertainment Depot.

Happy Mothers Day!

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Mothers Day, my first as a grand mother, it is a very special mothers day indeed. To my beautiful daughter, thank you for the best Mothers Day present ever. Love you JB!  Rene (aka Nanny)

How do Aussie narrators get paid?

Narrators are paid per finished hour, that means the duration of the audio book as it is sold for purchase. Narrators must consider all their research and prep time invested before supplying us their hourly rate.