Brand Product Placements in movies, tv shows, music videos and books 

We have a database of clients with products and services who would like to be seen on the big screen, little screen, music video and in books, yes, audio and self published books. 

2022 the film industry is back and so are we. The viewing landscaped has changed globally as have marketing strategies, brands are fighting to be seen. This is a simple way to do just that for all brands and services.

OK…envision your favourite actor holding it in their hand, consuming it, or using the service as they look straight into the camera with a satisfied smile. (too much?)

Brand product placement assist with funding for producers. It really is a win/win game.

How does it work ? 

  1. We have an established database of clients – brands and services – interested in product placement
  2. Producers contact us with their scripts
  3. Entertainment Depot’s dedicated staff read every line of their scripts, selecting the brand product placement opportunities
  4. We pitch to the brand/s and services – yes, all of them – the appropriate brand/s for that specific scene  
  5. Working together to find the best fit in that medium
  6. When that is sorted, acting as their agent, we contact the producer/s
  7. And that’s when the real fun starts…

Contact us if you are a producer ready to go, (green lit) or a brand wishing to be included in our database. 
Don’t let your competition beat you to the mark…you only have one chance.

Oh, and by the way, this doesn’t happen overnight, that’s where Entertainment Depot earns their fee.