All that is me is NOT gone. Love Beyond Death  
by Ruby Adams

Non Fiction.  Yes, it’s a true story.  Impressive review below from an Amazon book critic, worth a read.  Also listed on Goodreads.

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19 December 2018

Came across this book on my search for something different, Got what I looked for!! I like this woman!! It’s not a perfectly edited book and some people may criticize the writing, bah humbug to them!!, I think it’s an awesome book, I love the way it’s written. You can feel the writers personality through it, her jumped up energy, she tells it like it is which is something you don’t find often today, I feel like she’s sitting opposite me telling me her story, you know, how you go off on tangents when your talking to a friend, she does that in the book. The tears flowed quite a few times as well! So glad I found this one!! I wish you well Ruby Adams and thanks for taking the time to share with us, I’m sure glad you did!!!