We have a database of consultants experienced in the literary realm for all digital and printed formats. Self publishing authors face many challenges once their manuscript is finished, need help? Please contact us. Thanks in advance. 

  • hire professional writers & journalists for all media, corporate and business projects
  • we have access to ghostwriters for personal memoirs and corporate/celebrity biographies
  • experienced comic writers and consultants for your story, make ’em laugh! 
  • stage craft professionals on call – assisting with stage set up, production and presentation of your theatre show (on Zoom) 

Contact us with your requirements.

Our consultants will guide you (gently) through the book publishing process with a step by step process that you will understand

  • Royalties – $’s. Have a complete understanding of how it works globally
  • Print on Demand issues – the biggest is not always the best, but then again…
  • Designers – create an impact to stand out from the global crowd with a great book cover. Book layout design for easy readability.
  • Illustrators – visual artists across different genre’s from adult, children’s, YA, cartoon, science fiction to fantasy. 
  • Editing – polish up that manuscript with editorial evaluation | structural editing | copy editing – grammar, spelling, sentence structure | proof reading – the final set of fresh eyes before converting into the required digital formats for publication
  • Distribution – the final frontier. Gulp, not for the faint hearted
  • Marketing – confirms your target audience, i.e. your reader. The competition you have in the same genre and format. The sales price.
  • Publicity – the whole enchilada, social media, advertising, blogging, video promotion productions, tv, radio and podcasts interviews. If you are comfortable in front of the mike or camera, Go! If you are not, keep writing and leave it to the professionals.