Excerpt from The Australian Writers Marketplace website:

FAQ page: Should I have a literary agent and what do they do? 

Many publishers do not accept unsolicited manuscripts i.e. not specifically requested by the publisher or not submitted by a literary agent. Finding a literary agent to represent you to publishers is similar to approaching a publisher. Literary agents look for talented, marketable writers who generally have a publication history.

Literary agents act as a conduit between authors and publishers: they sell projects to book publishers, or television and film producers, and they negotiate contracts for their clients. Some agents look after a variety of writers, including non-fiction, poetry, screen writing, adult and children’s fiction, while others choose to specialize in a particular genre or area.

As well as bringing you and your work to the attention of publishers, your agent will use their industry knowledge and contacts to protect your financial and legal interests, making sure that you, and all the authors on their list, get the most out of their contracts. Opinions on the importance of agents vary among established authors; some writers prefer to negotiate for themselves, but most find their agent an invaluable part of their business team.

Agents only get paid if they sell your work. Typically they receive 15% of whatever you earn in advances or royalties. They should not receive any more than this, and they certainly should not be paid any upfront fees or reading fees – this is the sign of a huckster. Getting paid on commission encourages agents to invest in authors they believe in and work hard to sell your work for the best deal possible. If you pay an agent upfront fees, they have no impetus to sell your work.

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Attn: Australian authors and screenwriters of non-fiction in the spiritual, ghost, new age genre’s who would like their works promoted to publishers, literary agents and film & television film production companies worldwide.

We act as agents, only pay our agency fee when you receive monies/royalties etc.

Entertainment Depot & Next Level Marketing are now accepting manuscripts and original screenplays from new and established (including self published) non-fiction authors and screenwriters specializing in the spiritual and ghost realms.

Please read all the information on this page before contacting us prior to submitting your work.

Sorry, we do not accept poetry of fiction fantasy.

How to submit: 

  1. Send us an email about your story and information about you
  2. Please advise us of any previous writing/publishing/awards/credentials
  3. We will be in touch asap
  4. If it looks good, we will request a few sample chapters, your considered best – the highs and lows
  5. We will always get back to you asap, no long 3 month wait…we promise

Our Terms and Conditions:

  1. Please ensure your work is 100% original and is copyright protected (c)
  2. You have retained copies of your work, prior to submitting to us, as we can’t guarantee it won’t be lost in digital transit.
  3. We ask that you submit your work in digital format only i.e. word docs/pdf’s.
  4. All Entertainment Depot client’s works/manuscripts/screenplays, negotiations and financial interests are strictly confidential
  5. If an author/screenwriter is already listed with another agency, or publisher we cannot accept the manuscript or screenplay
  6. Entertainment Depot agents do not charge a reading fee, as we conduct our business ethically and lawfully
  7. Entertainment Depot agents will not represent a buyer or a seller in the same transaction
  8. All earnings on our clients’ work will be paid within 14 days of receipt and clearance of funds from the bank
  9. Entertainment Depot shall have a continuing right to full commission on all contracts negotiated and renewed
  10. Entertainment Depot shall be paid an agency fee between 10% & 15%, as mutually agreed
  11. If professional legal advice is required, it is understood that the author is advised, is quoted by the legal firm and is 100% liable for full payment directly to that legal firm
  12. Entertainment Depot does not take commission or charge fees for outsourced advice/services
  13. Hiring professional editors and screenwriters: please refer to above (11) 
  14. Authors must enter into a written agreement prior to any promotional work carried out by Entertainment Depot
  15. Authors must guarantee that there work/story/writing is original
  16. We reserve the right to cancel all agreements if there are any issues regarding legal copyright issues