Akrivi (Voula) Dendrinos is an empowerment coach. Author and inspirational speaker for events and team building

Her passion and purpose lies with empowering secondary students, single mothers, victims of family violence, sexual abuse. All heavy subjects, but in todays world is needed. 

Author of The Rhythm of Resilience. A story of hope, faith, love and choice

Akrivi speaks from personal experience, is a fully qualified teacher with a strong coaching background. She does not shy away from the hard topics and addresses all questions, she is truly a leader in her field. 

Based in Melbourne Vic, but travels the world…Covid allowing.

The Rhythm of Resilience – a story of hope, faith, love and choice

The Rhythm of Resilience is a small book but it’s one that tells a big story.
Voula Dendrinos’ life holds memories of rejection, abuse and control that too many children endure at the hands of family members. On top of this, as a first generation ‘new Australian’, her difficult childhood was made even more challenging because of the complexity of straddling two worlds – forced to adhere to her Greek father’s strict views on the way a daughter should act, yet yearning for belonging in the perceived freedom of this ‘lucky’ country.

For Voula, though, positivity is a powerful force that she believes we can all tap into.
At many times in her life, including enduring an arranged marriage and a relationship with an abusive partner, this seemed close to impossible but, with focus and determination, Voula made choices to make her happier life a reality.
In The Rhythm of Resilience, Voula shares raw and painful tales from her childhood, adolescence and adult life with honesty, grace and, importantly, hope.

Even when her life’s problems seemed insurmountable, Voula was driven by an unwavering belief that things could get better – and because she continues to believe this, she is proud to have the new-found strength and understanding to make decisions that help her dreams for happiness and personal fulfilment become possible.
Choices do sometimes seem far from our grasp but Voula’s journey is a reminder that, with focus, faith and self-love, they can be held onto.
Like music, life can be a complex series of waves and patterns that can repeat or, just as easily, create a different beat…and a new tune to dance to.
In The Rhythm of Resilience, Voula encourages us all to keep moving to our own unique beat.